Knitters’ Day Out 2016

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September 16 & 17 – Save the Date!

The Knitters’ Day Out committee is pleased to announce the following featured teachers for 2016:

  • Lily Chin
  • Judy Pascale
  • Candace Eisner Strick
  • Eleanor Swogger
  • Ann Weaver
  • Kathy Zimmerman

Class Descriptions

The 2016 Class Description are now available!

Registration Info

Registration opens Tuesday, June 15th, at noon. The registration site will be available about 1 week prior to the opening of registration. If you have registered for classes using our online registration system, your account is still active; you may access the site at that time to retrieve or reset your password. If you are new to Knitters’ Day Out — Welcome! When it’s available, you can stop by the registration site in advance of the 15th to set up your account.

There’s no need to keep hitting the refresh button, we’ll send out a notice when the registration site is available.


Submit questions via the Contact Us page.

Good Knitting!

The Knitters’ Day Out Committee

(NOTE: this event is held by the Knitters’ Day Out Committee. All inquiries related to the event should be addressed to them.)

Drachenfels Knit-A-Long

Brookside Knits is having a group knit-a-long. We have chosen to knit the ‘Drachenfels’ shawl by Melanie Berg. We will show our shawls at the 2017 Knit Out. You are invited to join us in our knit-a-long. To do this, purchase the pattern on Ravelry, buy some yarn (or use your stash), and show us your results next year. Here are photos of some of the shawls we have completed. We will post more during the year.





Karen K

Karen King

Karen Kar

Karen Kar





Knit Out 2016 Cancelled

We regret to announce that the Pottstown Knit Out 2016 is cancelled due to the extreme weather forecasts for Saturday.

Safety has to be our first priority. The blizzard warnings and all day snows on Saturday will make traveling dangerous.

We appreciate all your support for the past twelve years that we have held the Knit Out. This is the first time we have had to cancel. We are all very disappointed.

Your registration payments will be forwarded to the American Cancer Society as we are a Relay for Life team in Pottstown. In a future email, we will inform you of our total contribution to ACS.

We would also like to thank Brookside Country Club for their generous support and accommodations for our Knit Out and meetings every year.

We hope you all stay safe and warm at home knitting this weekend.

See you in 2017.

Knit Out 2016

Thank you to all who have registered for the 2016 Knit Out. We filled up in record time!

If you have sent the registration forms and check early enough, you will be notified that you are registered. You will be notified if your form and check did not make it in time.

If you are registered, but unable to attend, please let us know:

IMPORTANT: Registration is required due to limited space; we absolutely cannot take walk-ins.

Saturday, January 23, 2016
10 AM to 4 PM
Snow or shine

Brookside Country Club
850 N. Adams Street
(Intersection of Prospect Street and N. Adams Street)
Pottstown, PA 19464

Tips for 2017:

  • To make sure you’re on our mailing list, email
  • Please do not contact the club.
  • Admission is on a first-come, first-serve basis; we have limited space. When you receive the email notice, send your completed form and check immediately.

New York State Sheep & Wool Festival

If January seems too far away, perhaps you’ll enjoy a fix of knitting, fun, workshops and more in Rhinebeck, NY.

October 17 & 18, 2015

Saturday 9am-5pm Sunday 10am-5pm


Baby Hats Donated at 2015 Knit Out

2015 Knit Out participants donated over 150 hats for newborns for Pottstown Memorial Medical Center.

2015 Knit Out participants donated over 150 hats for newborns for Pottstown Memorial Medical Center.

We would like to thank everyone who donated nearly 150 baby hats at the 2015 Knit Out. The Pottstown Memorial Medical Center’s Labor and Delivery section also appreciates all the hats. We find that the nurses especially like the hats we make for holidays.

What do we do with the hats you donate? All hats are machine washed and dried, of course. We then divide the hats up into twelve bags, one for each month. Having about 11 or 12 starter hats each month—the ones you knit– gives us a head start on the 40 or so hats we donate monthly.

How does that work? We take the blues, pinks, and multicolored pastels and divide them evenly among the bags. February hats—delivered just this week–included red and pink hats for Valentine’s Day. Then we take greens and put them toward St. Patrick’s Day or Christmas. The purples and yellows may go for Easter or springtime generally. The oranges, of course, go into the pumpkin months and darker hats are kept for the later in the fall. Stripes go out in September for back-to-school and sports seasons. The nurses are especially fond of Eagle’s or Phillies’ hats.

2015 Knit Out Participant Donated Chemo Caps

2015 Donated Chemo Hats

2015 Knit Out participants generously donated their time and talents to help others.

Many thanks to all the 2015 Knit Out attendees who donated chemo caps at this year’s event. We collected 92 hats, just a small sampling of which is shown in the photo. These hats will be given to the Cancer Center at the Pottstown Memorial Medical Center.

Free Chemo Cap Patterns

2015 Charity Chemo Hat

2015 Suzanna Beanie

In 2014, we donated about 50 caps to the cancer center. You may download last year’s free chemo cap pattern. In 2015, Joy has created a new pattern in PDF form to honor Suzanna Rauscher.

The hospital and patients are always grateful for your donations.

Knitting a hat is not a requirement of the Knit Out. Donate if you can. We appreciate it.

2015 Knit Out

Pottstown Knit Out 2015The 11th Annual Pottstown Knit Out was held at the Brookside Country Club, January 17, 2015. Thank you to all who participated in this year’s event. As always, a great time was had by all. All proceeds go to Pottstown Relay for Life, while knitting donations go to Pottstown Memorial Hospital.

Hope to see you back next year.

If you would like to attend next year, please email: to be included on our mailing list. We cannot emphasize enough that our space is limited.


  • Make sure you’re on our mailing list. Email
  • Please do not contact the club.
  • Admission is on a first come, first serve basis; we have limited space. When you receive the notice, send your application immediately.

2015 Knit Out—Charity Baby Hats

Brookside Knits donates handmade hats to the Pottstown Memorial Medical Center. We welcome all knitters to offer a helping hand.

Baby Hats

2014 Charity Baby Hat

2014 Charity Baby Hat

About forty baby hats go to Labor and Delivery each month. Last year, Knit Out attendees dropped over 100 baby hats—about one quarter of all those donated to the hospital—into the collection basket.

Free patterns for baby hats of all kinds are available on Ravelry and other sites on the Internet. Check here for links to A Few of Our Favorite Things.
The hospital, the parents, and the babies are always grateful for your donations.

Knitting a hat is not a requirement of the Knit Out. Donate if you can. We appreciate it.

New York Sheep & Wool Festival in Rhinebeck

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New York State Sheep and Wool Festival

New York State Sheep and Wool Festival

Eight knitters from our little cluster rode the bus from Emmaus to Rhinebeck, NY on Saturday, October 18, 2014. The bus trip to the New York Sheep & Wool Festival was sponsored by Conversational Threads yarn shop in Emmaus. We left at 6 AM and arrived just before 9 AM; the gates were not even open yet!

rhine2 rhine1

Four of us were old hands at this trip, the other four were newbies, experiencing for the first time the fun and largeness of this wonderful festival. We walked around from 9 AM to 4 PM enjoying the booths of yarn, roving and other assorted items (jewelry, candles, maple syrup, cheese, wine, etc). In a few of the barns were the animals: sheep, alpaca, rabbits and others. We met for lunch early, as lines at the food vendors became very long! Along the way we ran into two other fellow knitters who had come separately, one with her parents and another who came with her husband. One of our knitters even ran into an old high school friend that she had not seen in 40 years! A few sprinkles chased us indoors, but generally the weather was perfect for such day. We all came home with yarn and inspiration.

rhine4 rhine3

If you were not able to attend, we hope to see you next time!

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