2018 Charity Hats

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As we do each year at the Pottstown Knit Out, this year we will be collecting knitted and crocheted items. Chemo caps, Knitted Knockers, and newborn baby hats we collect are donated to the Pottstown Hospital.  Hospital personnel are always pleased to receive these donations. You can find patterns on our website. However, you can choose any pattern you like that suits the category.  Chemo caps should use soft yarns like the Caron yarns in the patterns, much the same as you would use to make baby hats. When the 2018 Knit Out registration forms come out, you’ll find links to instructions for Knitted Knockers. Baby hats should be sized for newborns (10″ – 12″ round) and should be washable. Cottons and soft acrylics are best. Pom poms, buttons and other attachments are not allowed by the hospital.

Charity Baby Hat with duplicate numbers (2018)

2018 Charity Baby Hat

Some people are curious about the hats we post each year with the year date on them. So here is how this year’s 2018 hat was made. The “lettering” was the first step. Charts are available on Ravelry to show you how to create numbers or letters. What you want to stitch on the hat should be planned out first on paper, being sure the width of the numbers does not exceed the width of the hat.

Lettering Chart on graph paper with numbers 2-0-1-8 planned on paper

Lettering Chart

The hat was knit  from the base until just before the decreases, about 4.5 in. The stitches, still live, were left on the needles and the needles were capped to keep the stitches from slipping off.  Here you can see a basted line used as a guide for placing the numbers. It’s all about stitching the numbers on straight the first time!

2018 baby hat knitted the length of the body, still on the needles, with basted guidelines to aid in placement of duplicate stitching

Ready for Duplicate Stitching

The numbers 2-0-1-8 were added using duplicate stitching. If you are right-handed, you may want to start with the 8 so your stitching hand does not block your work. There are several videos on YouTube that teach duplicate stitch. After the stitching is complete, decrease, weave in your ends, and block your work.

Spring Knit Along Ideas

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We once again invite you to join with Brookside Knits members in a spring 2017 knit-along. We hope you will join us not only in knitting now but also in sharing at next year’s Knit Out.

Our members have made three suggestions for knit-along projects this year. Each will fit the tastes, needs, or skills of some.

Changing Light

by Jennifer Weissman is “a fully reversible scarf or wrap featuring stripes, lace and elegant pointed tips.” It uses three colors of fingering yarn, and has instructions for sizes Small and Large. Check out the Projects link for color ideas and plenty of pictures. There is a small, reasonable charge for the pattern, and, if you like, a kit is available at Craftsy.

Baa-ble Hat

by Donna Smith is “a quick knit and it makes an ideal introduction to Fair Isle colour work knitting.” It is designed for Aran/worsted weight yarns and is knit in the round. Smith also designed the Baa-ble Mittens and Cowl. There is a charge for each pattern. The designer reminds us that the gauge is quite tight so a gauge square is especially important. A clever Ravelry surfer will find an assortment of spinoffs of these patterns.

Pivot Cowl

by Purl Soho is a free pattern available on its website. A Danish term, “hygge,” stresses the cozy and content feeling you get knitting and snuggling up during the winter months: the Pivot Cowl is “hygge.” Simple garter stitch uses short rows that create the “pivot.” Purl Soho suggests their cashmere merino yarn in DK weight, but the many Projects listed on Ravelry offer other soft yarn suggestions.

Happy Knitting!

2017 Charity Baby Hats

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Once again, we will be collecting baby hats to contribute to the Pottstown Hospital’s Labor and Delivery section. The hospital gives us a few guidelines:

  • Newborn sizes only (about 10 inches in circumference)
  • No buttons. No pompoms, or other dangling bits.
  • Use only washable, hypoallergenic yarn, like acrylic.
Striped Baby Hats with jogless stripes

Striped Baby Hats with jogless stripes. Seasonal themes.

Here is a simple striped pattern that you can use if you like. You can see we use it for some holiday hats, multi-striped hats, and even school colors.

Striped Newborn Hat

Yarn: Vanna’s Choice (worsted), main color (MC) and contrasting color (CC) of your choice.

Needle: Size 8 double-pointed needles or a Magic Loop to knit in the round.

Gauge: About 18 st = 4 in

Finished measurements: width = 4-1/2 in across (9 in around); height = 5 in.

  • CO 40 sts in main color (MC).
  • Set a marker (if needed) as you join to form the first round.
  • Rib (K1, p1) for 5 rows in MC.
  • Continue in stockinette stitch in MC for another 5 rows.
  • To make the stripe, join the contrasting color (CC) and knit 1 row. To make a jogless stripe, pull up the first (MC) stitch in the previous row and loop it over the left-hand needle. Knit to two stitches together. Continue in CC for a total of 5 rows.
  • Return to MC and knit for 1 row. Use the jogless technique (see video) on the second row and knit for a total of 10 rows. Your hat should now measure about 4 in.
  • Decrease in alternate rounds: (1) Knit 3, K2tog around. (2) Knit. (3) Knit 2, K2tog around. (4) Knit. (5) Knit 1, K2tog around. (6) Knit. (7) K2tog around. You should have 8 st left on the needles. Cut an 8 in tail and pull it through the 8 st twice. Thread the tail through the top hole and weave it in.

Two different technique for making jogless strips in the round:

Here are some of the charity Baby Hats the Brookside Knitters have been creating. You can take inspiration from the season! Pumpkins. Little Pilgrims. Elves!

If you would like to participate in this project, knit or crochet a baby hat (or many!) and bring them to the Knit Out.

October Baby Hats

October Baby Hats

Bag of October Baby Hats

Bag of October Baby Hats

2015 Knit Out—Charity Baby Hats

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Brookside Knits donates handmade hats to the Pottstown Memorial Medical Center. We welcome all knitters to offer a helping hand.

Baby Hats

2014 Charity Baby Hat

2014 Charity Baby Hat

About forty baby hats go to Labor and Delivery each month. Last year, Knit Out attendees dropped over 100 baby hats—about one quarter of all those donated to the hospital—into the collection basket.

Free patterns for baby hats of all kinds are available on Ravelry and other sites on the Internet. Check here for links to A Few of Our Favorite Things.
The hospital, the parents, and the babies are always grateful for your donations.

Knitting a hat is not a requirement of the Knit Out. Donate if you can. We appreciate it.

Summer Knit-Along

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At last year’s Knit Out and Crochet Too!, some of you asked us to let you know what we planned for our next summer knit-along.

We found this easy-to-knit pattern in the newsletter from Knitter’s Edge in Bethlehem, PA and followed it to its source on Ravelry and the Knit Cafe.  It is called 504 King West after a streetcar route in Toronto.

The pattern is free.  The stitches are simple.  The recommended yarn is Koigu KPM, a fingering yarn, but other yarns that suit the gauge may be substituted.  They use two main contrasting colors, with a trim using small amounts of three other colors.

We know Brookside knitters will find many ways to create unique “asymmetrical neck wrappers.”  Join us and show yours off at next year’s Knit Out.


Here are just some of the fabulous scarves made for the Knit-Along:









2014 Chemo Cap Pattern

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In honor of our 10th Knit Out, Master Knitter Joy Jannotti created a chemo cap pattern. Participation is optional, of course. Enjoy!

Purling for Penguins

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Blue penguins in New Zealand are being helped by knitters’ effort. Here’s another way knitters can make a difference in the world:

A good yarn: Knitters make sweaters for penguins after oil spill

Skeinz Penguin Sweater Pattern


2012 Knit Out Baby Hat Pattern

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Baby Hats

Baby Hats

Countdown CapHere is the pattern we are using this year (2012) for the Knit-Out baby hat kits.  If you are bringing hats along, you may use any newborn hat pattern.  Pottstown Memorial Medical Center has asked that donated hats have no pompoms, buttons, flowers or other items that may be grabbed by infants. All donated hats will be washed so yarn should be washable (acrylic, cotton, etc., rather than wool). Larger hats, hats with pompoms, or wool hats will be donated to other projects. Thank you for contributing to the project.

CO 40 stitches loosely.
K1, P1 rib for  1 – 1.5 inches

Work in stockinette stitch until piece measures 4 – 4.5 inches from the cast-on edge.

Decrease as follows:
Row 1: *K2tog, K2* across (30)
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: *K2tog, K1* across (20)
Row 4: Purl
Row 5: K2 together across (10)
[Row 6 Optional: Purl]

With cap still on needle, cut yarn about 24 inches long. Using a tapestry needle, thread yarn through the 10 sts on the needle [twice through is more secure]. Pull snuggly. With right sides together, sew up back seam. Weave in ends.

Pattern Abbreviations
CO Cast on
K Knit
P Purl
K2tog Knit two stitches together (equals one stitch decrease)
(–) Number of stitches after decreasing
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