2017 Charity Baby Hats

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Once again, we will be collecting baby hats to contribute to the Pottstown Hospital’s Labor and Delivery section. The hospital gives us a few guidelines:

  • Newborn sizes only (about 10 inches in circumference)
  • No buttons. No pompoms, or other dangling bits.
  • Use only washable, hypoallergenic yarn, like acrylic.
Striped Baby Hats with jogless stripes

Striped Baby Hats with jogless stripes. Seasonal themes.

Here is a simple striped pattern that you can use if you like. You can see we use it for some holiday hats, multi-striped hats, and even school colors.

Striped Newborn Hat

Yarn: Vanna’s Choice (worsted), main color (MC) and contrasting color (CC) of your choice.

Needle: Size 8 double-pointed needles or a Magic Loop to knit in the round.

Gauge: About 18 st = 4 in

Finished measurements: width = 4-1/2 in across (9 in around); height = 5 in.

  • CO 40 sts in main color (MC).
  • Set a marker (if needed) as you join to form the first round.
  • Rib (K1, p1) for 5 rows in MC.
  • Continue in stockinette stitch in MC for another 5 rows.
  • To make the stripe, join the contrasting color (CC) and knit 1 row. To make a jogless stripe, pull up the first (MC) stitch in the previous row and loop it over the left-hand needle. Knit to two stitches together. Continue in CC for a total of 5 rows.
  • Return to MC and knit for 1 row. Use the jogless technique (see video) on the second row and knit for a total of 10 rows. Your hat should now measure about 4 in.
  • Decrease in alternate rounds: (1) Knit 3, K2tog around. (2) Knit. (3) Knit 2, K2tog around. (4) Knit. (5) Knit 1, K2tog around. (6) Knit. (7) K2tog around. You should have 8 st left on the needles. Cut an 8 in tail and pull it through the 8 st twice. Thread the tail through the top hole and weave it in.

Two different technique for making jogless strips in the round:

Here are some of the charity Baby Hats the Brookside Knitters have been creating. You can take inspiration from the season! Pumpkins. Little Pilgrims. Elves!

If you would like to participate in this project, knit or crochet a baby hat (or many!) and bring them to the Knit Out.

October Baby Hats

October Baby Hats

Bag of October Baby Hats

Bag of October Baby Hats

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