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What is the Knit Out?

The Knit Out is an annual event, held in January that brings together knitters in a celebration of the craft of knitting, but most of all, to “Sit and Knit” with friends, old and new. The Brookside Knits knitting club arranges the event and the Brookside Country Club generously hosts it.

Why do I have to register for the Knit Out? Can’t I just walk in?

You have to register in advance because we do not have enough space for walk-ins. The spaces we have are sold out within days of the announcement. Register as soon as you receive the email announcement. If you are not on the mailing list, send us your email address at info@pottstownknitout.com.

Is there a waiting list for the Knit Out?

Yes, there is a waiting list. You may arrange the specifics with the registration team.

What kind of classes do you offer?

It depends on the year. Usually, we have classes in knitting techniques like cables, mosaic knitting, lace, and short rows. Occasionally, we have a crochet class or another special offering. If you would like to teach a class, contact a member or email us at info@pottstownknitout.com.

Why can’t I take more than one class?

You may take only one class because we do not have enough space or instructors to accommodate more than that; we want to be fair to everyone. We keep class sizes limited so that our instructors can offer personal attention.

Why don’t you have the Knit Out at a different venue so more people can come?

We hold the Knit Out at our current venue because the Brookside Knits club is has long been associated with the Brookside Country Club. They have kindly donated the space and have supported our efforts for many years. It is our home base. Thanks to the Club, we can donate more of the money we raise to the American Cancer Society.

Why don’t you hold the Knit Out for two days?

We hold the Knit Out for only one day because it is run by volunteers and we do not have the woman-power to do more.

Why do you hold the Knit Out in January?

This is a date where the club is in winter mode, so it is the best available date before the club goes into full swing. January can be a blue month, so what better time to snuggle up with a warm cup, a knitting project, and friends?

Where does the money go?

All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society, Pottstown Relay for Life, with a portion taken out to take care of our costs. We are proud to keep all operating costs to a minimum.

What’s for lunch?

Lunch is simple but delicious and should appeal to those who have special dietary needs. A typical lunch includes vegetable soup, a salad you put together yourself, sliced grilled chicken breast, a simple dessert, and assorted drinks. Coffee, tea, and pastries are also available as you come in.

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Can I get help with my knitting at the Knit Out?

You can, but there are many distractions. Knitting is a skill and an art form, and every knitter, no matter how accomplished, started with a pair of needles, yarn, and a loop. If you want to learn to knit, you can always ask a Brookside Knitter or other participant for help learn from scratch or help with any technique. If the knitter does not know, she can help you find someone who does. Members may be able to suggest a class in the area, a book, or a favorite video.

Do you take yarn as donations?

We encourage you to bring clean, odor-free yarn to our swap table at the Knit Out. For other yarn donations, contact us at info@pottstownknitout.com.

Can anyone donate knitting?

Certainly! We accept newborn baby hats and chemo caps. If you have other knitting goods in good condition, there are many charities that accept them directly.

What kinds of vendors come to the Knit Out?

Each year there are a variety of vendors who sell their products. Typically, the majority sell yarn and knitting supplies. There are also vendors of fabulous bags and hand-crafted buttons, as well as massage therapists.

How is the raffle different from the door prizes?

Door prizes are free items donated by members and vendors. Each registrant’s name is entered once for door prizes. Raffle prizes are wonderful, high value “baskets.” You enter the raffle as often as you like by purchasing tickets sold the day of the Knit Out. A typical raffle basket contains yarns and related items, while some may be themed baskets with wine, food, or home décor items.

Do I have to participate in Show and Share?

Of course not, but we will miss out on something special that you have knit, crocheted, or crafted in the past year. Our members show off their knit-a-long projects and their new designs.

How can I join Brookside Knits?

If you would like to join our knitting club, speak to a current member or send an email to info@pottstownknitout.org

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