2017 Spring Knit Along Update

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Brookside Knitters love a challenge, and this summer we have certainly been challenged in our choices of knit along projects.

Changing Light Wrap

Some of us who have chosen the Changing Light wrap have gotten past the “pinhole” cast on (several times, but we did it), while others have advanced past the center diamond and have now entered the “second sock” stage in completing the two ends. Janet’s Changing Light is now complete.

Changing Light by Jane1

Changing Light by Jane1

I must say, photos don’t do justice to the lovely yarns in these wraps, but you’ll get to enjoy them all in January.

Are you new to Ravelry?

The main page for the Changing Light pattern gives you lots of information.  We like to browse the Projects other knitters have completed deciding on a pattern or before choosing our yarn. Look to the right side of the page. In the About this Pattern box, find the projects link at the bottom.  At the time of this writing, it shows “106 projects, in 630 queues.” Click there. Click on the link above the photo to see notes each knitter made (yarn choice, errata, and so on).


Baa-ble Hats and Cowls

A few of us challenged ourselves to two-color Fair Isle knitting. Joy and Janet knit Baa-ble Hats, while Sandi and LuAnn chose the I’ll Pack a Cowl for Rhinebeck spinoff pattern. These are fun projects with tie-ins to matching items (mittens, mug cozies, children’s items).

Baa-ble Hat by Joy

Baa-ble Hat by Joy

Baa-ble Hat by Janet

Baa-ble Hat by Janet

I'll Pack a Cowl for Rhinebeck by LuAnn

I’ll Pack a Cowl for Rhinebeck by LuAnn

I'll Pack a Cowl for Rhinebeck by Sandi

I’ll Pack a Cowl for Rhinebeck by Sandi


Brookside Summer Knit-Along 2013

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At least six Brookside Knits members joined in on the annual summer knit-along. One of their choices was Leftie by Martina Behm (www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/leftie). The name “Leftie” was chosen because Behm’s original scarf was made of leftover yarn, something all knitters have around. It was designed as “an asymmetrical shawlette,” narrower at the beginning and wider toward the end. As a result the stripes “swirl about your neck in a very flattering way.” The original was made with fingering weight yarn, but the pattern can be adapted to other yarns. A garter stitch is used throughout.

Joy's Leftie

Joy’s Leftie

Joy chose to knit her Leftie in Telemark, a sport-yarn from Knit Picks (3 balls, 150g) of garnet heather for the main color and a lighter colored contrast yarn. In the photo, her daughter models scarf.

Marilyn's Leftie

Marilyn’s Leftie

Marilyn chose black fingering-weight Chroma yarn, also from Knit Picks, for her main color with a self-striping Chroma as the contrast color. In the photo, Marilyn models the scarf herself.

Vickie's Leftie

Vickie’s Leftie

Vickie chose Knit Picks Chroma Fingering in Lollipop & Natural. She adds that she was able to carry the contrasting color along but believes she would cut and weave in the yarn if she knitted another Leftie. A Greek goddess models Vickie’s Leftie.

Carol's Leftie

Carol’s Leftie

Carol chose worsted-weight yarn and size 7 needles for her Leftie, knitted from her stash (or what she refers to as Junk Yarn). She has chosen a light grey tone of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes for her main color and darker contrast colors. Her scarf is displayed on a table, giving us a chance to see the whole pattern.

LuAnn's Wingspan Leftie

LuAnn’s Wingspan Leftie

Janet and LuAnn chose to knit Wingspan scarves. Their choice was a design by maylin TriCoterie Designs, seen as the first among several lovely variations (www.ravelry.com/patterns/search#query=wingspan). Maylin describes the wrap as “deceptively simple, knitted in one piece, shaped by short rows and completely knit in garter stitch.”

LuAnn used Ella Rae Lace Merino sock yarn (1 ball, 460 yd) and a size 3 needle. She wears her Wingspan as a shawlette with a starfish pin in her photo.

Janet's Wingspan Leftie

Janet’s Wingspan Leftie

Janet is, as we say, last but not least. Her photo shows three of her nine Wingspans displayed at The Yarn Gallery in Reading, PA. She knit in Noro Taiyo sock yarn and is planning a tenth in Noro silk garden. According to Janet, the pattern is addictive. She shared her Wingspan with five of her friends who planned a trip together to Poland.

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